Saturday, February 11, 2006

ToTD (2) Second David

Twenty-three years later, a second David has brought a similar message to New Zealand. David Wilkerson also carried a real burden from God when he spoke to Christian leaders in Auckland. The following is a summary of his message.

David Wilkerson had a strong sense that calamity will affect a big percentage of our population, even up to one million people. The collapse of our real estate boom will hit New Zealand like a whirlwind. If God has to touch every pocket book, he will do it because He loves this country.

The Lord knows what He is doing and everything is in His divine order. Many people are putting together money in the bank to see them through the storm they intuitively see ahead. They are putting their energy into a nest egg, rather than trusting in God, caring for the poor, the widows, etc.

He quoted Ezekiel 16:46-56 that lists the following sins
  • pride
  • fullness of bread
  • abundance of idleness
  • did not strengthen the hand of the poor and needy
  • haughty
There is no greater sin than apathy, because apathy is a by-product of covetousness. We have bought into the idea that happiness only happens when we have nice things, a house, a job, etc. Apathy demands judgement before any other sin. He asked God to smite our apathy. (For more detail see A Cry for New Zealand).

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Sean Dietrich said...

I love David Wilkerson! His books, sermons and newsletters are incredible. What a passion for God!
I also love Keith Greens's music, his music parallels Wilkerson's stuff. In fact, DW wrote some articles for Keith's Newsletter.

I am a musician and I would be honored if you would check out my music. All music on my site is free for downlad. Anyway, just thought that I'd share.

"All music on my site is free for download."